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Personalized AI for your Business

The Details:

It includes: 📌 Branding Audit: I review whatever part of your brand or business copy that you want to improve on right now. I take notes and use this as a jumping off point for our first session. 📌 The First 60-minute Session: We review the Branding Audit, you get your hands dirty using ChatGPT, and we choose two pieces of copy that you’d like to work on together. Think: your bio, a marketing email, product description, brand taglines, etc. While you get comfortable using ChatGPT on your own I edit the two pieces of copy of your choice. 📌 The Second 60-minute Session: We review any questions that have come up since our first session and review the two copy projects. I set you up with an ongoing strategy for you to continue to use AI moving forward. 🎁 PLUS: For doing this work together you’ll have access to ask me any quick questions for a month after our last session and the opportunity to add on additional 1:1 sessions if you really are getting into the productive zone! Let me take away the common pain points that come with writing copy by using my creative brain and my AI know-how! Reduce miscommunications in your business copywriting and drive success where you need it the most.

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