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I'm Taylor Mitchum,
a brand creative.

As an experienced creative with a background in design, I specialize in bringing brands to life through powerful storytelling, persuasive copywriting, and captivating design. I work closely with businesses and individuals who are struggling to find their visual and written voice, and I help them create a brand identity that authentically reflects their unique story and message.

Think of me as a stylist for your brand - I'll help you try on different elements to find what works best and what doesn't, so you can make a lasting impression. My expertise in storytelling, copywriting, and branding design ensures that every aspect of your business - from the first impression to every customer interaction - is aligned with your visual identity, narrative tone, and brand values.

I value delivering wildly creative and effective results for my projects. I have a track record of helping people achieve their goals in business and life through effective branding and design. Personally, I find myself gravitating to the cannabis industry and the alcohol-free community. My approach has earned me industry-leading experience and I hold a fine arts degree in design.

Don't just take my word for it, it made me smile when Keyon shared, “You have a wonderful ‘yes and’ energy that makes me feel no idea is stupid or wrong. That I can come to you with whatever and you can come to me with whatever.” 

Let's work together to make the biggest impact possible for your life and the world around you!

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Call or text me anytime.

+1 (803) 983 - 9478


Creative Strategy


Branding Boosted with AI

+1 (803) 983 - 9478

Call or text me anytime.

Istagram @taylor.mitchum
TikTok @ taylor.mitchum
Pinterest @taylormitchum

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